Canelo vs GGG 2 boxing rematch date time hbo PPV price

After some tests on drugs, which Canelo Alvarez failed on May 5, Gennady Golovkin officially unexpectedly expected. Alvarez announced on Tuesday that he had stopped the fight, but said he was a clean battle that was tested on infected meat.

Alvarez against Golovkin’s Second Chance is the first race that began in September 2017, when they had a total pay. Golovkin is widely considered the world’s best active driver in the world, and his victory Alvarez will consolidate his legacy. Alvarez has only one career loss in 49 fights, Floyd Mayweather Jr.. in 2013

Golovkin was still undefeated at 37-0-1 and claimed to have reached her, but the intention to meet with someone on May 5, but no open opponents could be openly discussed in this matter.

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It is worth noting that the substance clenbuterol, in some cases, is the “smallest meat” in Mexico and other countries through various sports. After Alvarez stated that he was a clean, planned call from the Nevada Athletic Commission, he continued to listen to the scheduled hearing in late April.

Alvarez does not seem to believe that the public is good at the moment.

If Golovkin remains in the economy at 1:05, this will most likely continue to be HBO’s business deal in Las Vegas, but at the moment there are no arguments that can be made compared to the proposed rematchen in the first place.

According to TMZ Sports, GGGS claims that the promoter of Tom Leffler Golovkin is still “100 percent” fighting Alvarez, and he still has his main goal. “Loeffler also said that he intends to meet with Golovkin at the interchangeable contest on May 5,

Alvarez came out of the fight because of the huge expansion of the temporary release for positive testing for drugs of cindbuterol, in order to prevent a rise in productivity in February. Clenbuterol is often used to reduce fat and maintain muscle mass.

Alvarez said that the test was positive as a result of eating Mexican corrupt meat.

On May 5, the second meeting between Alvarez and Golovkin took place, which previously fought in September. This was the first time in the professional challenge of GGGS (37-0-1) that he did not finish the victory.

Alvarez is now 49-1-2, and he has no loss for Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s reaction. in September 2013.

Golovkins plans to cope on May 5 and September 15, but only five months after reaching Alvarez. He is not alien to this schedule, but Golovkin Willie Monroe, Jr. in May 2015, less than three months after the victory over Martin Murray.

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