Canelo vs GGG 2 boxing rematch date time hbo PPV price

After some tests on drugs, which Canelo Alvarez failed on May 5, Gennady Golovkin officially unexpectedly expected. Alvarez announced on Tuesday that he had stopped the fight, but said he was a clean battle that was tested on infected meat.

Alvarez against Golovkin’s Second Chance is the first race that began in September 2017, when they had a total pay. Golovkin is widely considered the world’s best active driver in the world, and his victory Alvarez will consolidate his legacy. Alvarez has only one career loss in 49 fights, Floyd Mayweather Jr.. in 2013

Golovkin was still undefeated at 37-0-1 and claimed to have reached her, but the intention to meet with someone on May 5, but no open opponents could be openly discussed in this matter.

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It is worth noting that the substance clenbuterol, in some cases, is the “smallest meat” in Mexico and other countries through various sports. After Alvarez stated that he was a clean, planned call from the Nevada Athletic Commission, he continued to listen to the scheduled hearing in late April.

Alvarez does not seem to believe that the public is good at the moment.

If Golovkin remains in the economy at 1:05, this will most likely continue to be HBO’s business deal in Las Vegas, but at the moment there are no arguments that can be made compared to the proposed rematchen in the first place.

According to TMZ Sports, GGGS claims that the promoter of Tom Leffler Golovkin is still “100 percent” fighting Alvarez, and he still has his main goal. “Loeffler also said that he intends to meet with Golovkin at the interchangeable contest on May 5,

Alvarez came out of the fight because of the huge expansion of the temporary release for positive testing for drugs of cindbuterol, in order to prevent a rise in productivity in February. Clenbuterol is often used to reduce fat and maintain muscle mass.

Alvarez said that the test was positive as a result of eating Mexican corrupt meat.

On May 5, the second meeting between Alvarez and Golovkin took place, which previously fought in September. This was the first time in the professional challenge of GGGS (37-0-1) that he did not finish the victory.

Alvarez is now 49-1-2, and he has no loss for Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s reaction. in September 2013.

Golovkins plans to cope on May 5 and September 15, but only five months after reaching Alvarez. He is not alien to this schedule, but Golovkin Willie Monroe, Jr. in May 2015, less than three months after the victory over Martin Murray.

GGG vs Canelo 2 Rematch Between Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin

Canelo Alvarez (01/02/49, 34 KOs) and WBC / WBA / IBO World Champion Gennady Golovkin in the Light World (37-0-1, 33 KOs) returns to the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas for a more exchange request. He sold the first match in just two weeks, and once again the fans can create sets of 12-round matches in the country to get “Canelo vs GGG 2” – live in their local cinema. Fans will not want this epic competition, because two of the most explosive fighters can be harsh today in the sport. And the betrayal of the fact that they are not in the hands of the referee will allow them to be rehabilitated. or boxes of participating cinemas. Fans from all over the United Kingdom You cannot leave more than 450 theaters Breast Sim Enjoy Selected Digital Broadcast Network (DBN). A full list of theaters is available on the Fathom Events website (theaters and participants can change).

In the first case, the Mexican star, Jaime Munguya (30-0, 25 KOs), the other defends his world title from WBO. The average median Bad Boy Brandon (20-1, 13 KOs) in combat. from 12 rounds. Former world champion Lemieux (39-4, 33 KOs) in Montreal, Canada and heroes Gary “Spike” O’Sullivan (28-2, 20 KOs), Cork, Ireland’s warship of annual progress of 12 years, where the Troidkandidat of the year is written about, The actual warriors of the tank against Mexico, Moises “Moi” Fuentes (25-5, the former curacóir secret and four divisions of the former Roman “Chocolate Tito” Gonzalez (46-2, 38 KOs), Managua, Nicaragua, -1, 14 KOs) 10-year Pay-TV-par-See-See will open the air strike.

Canelo says: “I am very happy to return to one of the events of the great history of boxing, and another to fight this for the benefit and joy of all the fans who want to see the best fight. This time it will not justify [Gennady] Golovkin about the judges, for this account. ”

Golovkin said: “It feels good the repeater is coming back to the crime scene now there is no drama to determine, won the first fight and left the ring like the World Cup using all areas and there will be the second fight … I will fight the record and Gold night for me and boxing – at the T-Mobile Arena. ”

Oscar De La Hoya, president of Golden Boy Promotions, “There’s no better place to restore the historic between Canelo and Golovkin’s T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. Arranging Las Vegas over the weekend said that he was in a fight five can control, and I know that fans are traveling around the world to attend here to attend the festive mood. Play in women’s boxing, as Canelo vs. the historic GGG two, as in Vegas, give a full and rich audience that is looking for a big one to fight. ”

Canela vs. Golovkin. Left life is a battle with the restart of this epic, we are proud to work with some of boxing’s better to take this fight to theaters across the country, “says Ray Nutt, CEO of the Breast Team. “Fighting fans can apply when these warriors return to the square circle and hope to send them to their local cinemas.”

Golovkin 2 vs Canelo undercard

Believe it or not, when Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin rematch on September 15, the first year of HBO or Showtime Crackdown will continue in 2018. With less than a month before the fight, night in tell us what card chess is.

PPV-boxing, at least in the United States, low beams are relatively low compared to the UFC event. In the case of Canelo v. Golovkin 2, the case is not ready.

The event is planned for the fact that the phenomenon that Jaime Mungui grows (30-0, 25 Kos), must protect his WBO in the Boston junior against the Canadian Brandon Cook (20-1, 13 KOs).

Munguya is a reliable prospect for 21 years in Mexico, who was unarmed in 2018, and his name was named as an opponent, and Golovkin can fight in May after failing in his drug test. Canelo canceled his original revenge. But the Atlantic Commission of Nevada rejected this idea. Then Munguy quickly coped, and then champion Saddam Ali, expelled four laps and defended the title against former ex-champion Liam Smith. Munguia is a very good figure for Donald Cerroene, since this is his fifth birthday in 2018, and he only played in a professional team in 2013.

Cook is far away from Smith and Ali, but he is a good loser fighter who came to the scanner against Kanat Islam. Due to Munguia’s lack of experience against real-level competitions at a high level, it is probably better that the poker master be too late, because he is an avid hunter, but does not seem to be ready for the elite £ 154. Theoretically, this is a demonstration campaign to implement fans of Munguia as a new potential star.

There is also a safe fight between former IBF champion David Lemieux (39-4, 33 Kos) and Spike O’Sullivan from Ireland (28-2, 20 Kos). The two men who are known to be aggressive and are not good defense, and it really is the chances for O’Sullivan to get a chance at a world title, while Lemieur tries to retain the status of an opponent, as the Year is not due to loss of pity for Billy Joe Saunders. Lemieux was a simple choice a few years ago, but perhaps it is not so.

About the former Roman Champions Chocolate Tito Gonzalez (46-2, 38 KOs) returns to action against Moise Fuentes (25-5-1, 14 KOs), the champion had the previous minimum weight of OMB, Gonzalez grew from the Srisakre Sør Rungvisai series, not having received a vow that was given to Kidney. He will return in May, but the visa issue prevented Nicaragua from entering the United States. Sources from the first attack come from the Japanese rap Daigo Hig. The game will play at Super Super (115 pounds), and there should be a good drawback to see how much Gonzalez costs, especially against the smaller fighter.

And finally, the undisputed welterweight Cecilia female Brækhus (34-0, 9 KOs) returns to action for the third time this year, in four major titles on the line against Alexander Magdziak Lopes (3:04:18 1 KO). This fight can be the introduction of your PPV as a live broadcast sign. Braekhus is considered the best female boxer in the world, and champion UFC Cris Cyborg is interested in moving his box at some point. In May Braekhus was the first woman in which she played TV on HBO after she recovered from knockdown to defeat Kali Rice.

In the end: three fights for the title (including the biggest event), the back of Tito’s chocolate and the 12-round war between Lemieux and O’Sullivan. If you eliminate Canelo and Golovkin, it will be a fun and regular triple HBO repeat.

Golovkin and Alvarez will compete for the best WBA and WBC ggg titles at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. The HBO PPV transmission begins at the beginning of 80:00 Pacific Time / 5:00 PT.

Gennady Golovkin vs Canelo Alvarez II Bets get harder and why

Shortly after the reminder of Canelo Alvarez’s face against Gennady Golovkin, he did oddsmakers Golovkin almost 2/1 for you. But now, when two hunters are one month away from confrontation with Las Vegas, this increases the chances of money before they enter Alvarez.

Gennady Golovkin, on the right, and Canelo Alvarez arrived in September last year.

When the Alvarez II of Golovkin’s July party, Golovkin opened at -190, which meant that you were betting $ 190 to win $ 100, while Alvarez was a losing 155 (earning $ 155 get $ 100) secured. But since then, Alvarez players prefer.

Last week, Golovkin -175, and Alvarez- + 145. On Thursday, support was so likely to favor Alvarez Golovkin now -160, and Alvarez – 130.

Kevin Bradley, Bovada.lvs bid manager, has two factors that impact the price change in the game – and it is not desirable oddsmakers.

“When the -190 line opened to the GGG, we saw significant sharp effects (committed by professionals, respected players) of the alien and moved GGG -175. After making the changes we have seen reduce the sharpness Canelo, but I continued to see retailers (little bets that make amateurs) with + features “- said Bradley Forbes. “Therefore, we have a very desirable situation now, when there is sharp and retail money on the same page.” I talked to my business, why it happens, and all that we can achieve – this is what the audience resembles to draw in the past. It now sees that both competitors are equally balanced, so when it is time to put your money, they are betting on the fact that the largest income militants are.

Remixes should always have CDs and changes of opportunities.

There was a place where Golovkin -155 and 125 Alvarez were in front – – The first fighting fight, but most observers believe, is Golovkin’s win. Together that Alvarez gets out of the ring in 364 days after the absence of two drug tests, and you can understand why Golovkin opened his rematch. But the players spent their money on Alvarez.
“A low -155 lost about 12 hours, but when we saw the purchase GGG, so it returned to -160,” said Bradley. “Then, as in the first game, we will come as a big fan of GGG on the night of the fight.”

Do not be surprised if these opportunities continue to change. Like most of the rest of the atmosphere around the battlefield.

After the date of the first resumption of May 5, suspended because Alvarez did not resist the test drug and suspended six months later – the last two fighters were defended ten million – to beat Golovkin Martirosyan Feathers So far $ 1 million bags.

Both sides were involved in local and public negotiations on the contract. Initially, Alvarez was created rematch received a share of 65-35% of the money (the first fight was 70-30%), but Golovkin had been canceled after May 5 he claims 50-50.

This did not happen, but instead of 57.5% of the shares and 42.5 Alvarez Golden Boy Promotion, who wanted until September 15, Golovkin reached 55-45% Alvarez.

Golovkin vs GGG 2 video, quotes

Boxing super star Gennady Golovkin and Saul “Canelo” Alvarez hit Los Angeles, California earlier this week for open training for their long-awaited rematch next month (September 15, 2018) at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada . Both had many words for each other, because bad blood was tested positively for clenbuterol with Alvarez and rejected the original date (May 5, 2018).

“We are approaching the battle, and I feel good. This struggle is personal, because all that was said, and it will be difficult to respect, which was to return it once. There are my statements gave me more motivation, given the mistake I made, was that I had the opportunity to prevent what I had to use, I should do it in a jump.

As I often said, the first match gave me recommendations for the second game. I know I can do a lot of things in the ring against him. I know I can hurt him. I hurt him in the first game, and I’ll hurt him even more in the second game. My goal is a knockout, and I’m looking for it from the first round. ”

Golovkin knows who I am. He knows who I am. Let me say this even better, he still does not know what else I need to show. I hope I can show it on September 15th. I must win convincingly. There must be mercy to remove any doubts. I’m very motivated for this victory. I am convinced, but I am not convinced of my opponent, because I know who he is, but I am confident in my preparation.

There is nothing like the Mexican style. In Mexico, there were many fighters of different styles. My style is mine, I’m Mexican, and this is important. Perhaps Golovkin uses the “Mexican style” to attract fans, but he is a hypocrite. If anything happens in Mexico, he will not be there to support them. ”

“Canelo, that no champion. He was not a liar who had nothing to do with boxing and fans. I want to become a world champion and bring all my belts at home. I’m ready to do another great drama show. I’m not Canelo in training. I’m not worried about that. I was just worried about my work in the training camp and doing my job in the ring against Canelo on September 15 in the last fight I just did not feel any real power of Canelo. he is not the hardest puncher with which I fought, but he is fast and fast, he is the most experienced fighter with whom I fought, he is a very good fighter.

I’m happy to be back in Canelo. There is another great opportunity to defeat him again. Of course, I want to turn off Canelo. It would be nice if Canelo fights this time. I do not believe what he says about how he will fight me this time. He said the same for our first game. I will be more aggressive in this battle.

Was he upset because Canelo failed with two drug tests? Yes, but I was more annoyed by the Canelos team. The apologies they gave, their attitude and Canelo’s reaction showed that they do not respect sports or fans. They showed their real faces. They are false, and I’m not angry with him, because the second chance was interrupted for the first time.

But I lost all respect for him. Canelo is not the biggest name in boxing, only the biggest scandal. I feel very comfortable. It was a good training camp. Abel worked with me on new things, which, I think, are very interesting. The cancellation of the revenge in May was a good experience, but it was not a very good experience. I think that the new judges and the new referee can be better for boxing and fans. ”

The open training also included the rising star Jaime Mungua, who defends the WBO Superwelter title against Brandon Cook in a joint effort. The card, which starts at 08:00 ET on HBO Boxing Pay Per View (PPV), is an average fight between Spike O’Sullivan fighter and knockout artist David Lemieux.

Gennady Golovkin vs Canelo Álvarez II

Canelo Alvarez vs. Gennady Golovkin II – a boxing match between Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin, which will be held September 15, 2018 at the T-Mobile Arena in Paradise, Nevada.

The fight will initially take place on May 5, 2018, but in March 2018, two months before the fight, Alvarez was tested on clenbuterol and was removed by the Nevada Athletic Commission for six months. Alvarez officially withdrew from the fight, but he revised revenge, which took place in September after the suspension.

The first two averages in the world met in September and competed in high-quality competitions and entertainment, culminating in a controversial draw after 12 full rounds. Nevertheless, experts and supporters that the two hunters understood that he had won was not so much the result of a draw that caused much controversy, but rather a result of 118-110 in favor of Judge Canelo Adelaide. Byrda, which contrasts strongly with the information advice of Dave Moretti (115-113 and 114-114) Don Trela.

Immediately after the scandalous finale begins negotiations between Alvarez and Golovkin. Alvarez said that he will fight in May 2018, and Golovkin was ready to fight in December 2017. ESPN said that Alvarez, who had only a vengeance clause, will begin three weeks. September 19, President Eric Gomez, Golden Boy Promotions, told ESPN that everyone is interested in revenge and in the coming days will consult Tom Lofer. [5] Ring pointed out that the talks will begin on 22 September. On September 24 Gomez said that revenge is likely to take place in the first week of May 2018, or if the agreement is resolved, we will see that the battle will take place in March.

Despite constant reciprocal negotiations, the CMB officially announced its revenge on October 2 during the 55th Annual Congress in Baku, Azerbaijan. Golden Boy President Eric Gomez told ESPN: “Regardless of whether they ordered revenge or not, we will try to implement it, we will do everything possible to make it happen.” November 7, Eric Gomez said that the negotiations are going well, and Alvarez will decide to take revenge in the coming weeks. It was believed that the Golden Boy will wait until David Lemieux and Billy Joe Saunders will not compete for the WBO title on December 16, 2017, before they make a decision. [10] asked for possible revenge between Golovkin and Jacobs, as rematch – Alvarez Golovkin was not realized on November 15, said Eddie Hearn, promoter Daniel Jacobs that Tom Leffler.

On December 20, Eric Gomez announced that the negotiations were almost over after Alvarez agreed to enter into contracts with Golden Boy. January 29, 2018 HBO announced that revenge will be held May 5 at the weekend in Cinco de Mayo. Both players said that this time the judges will not be needed, and both promise to hit the second knockout. The venue was not confirmed until February 22, Madison Square Garden in New York was on track to organize the event, but in the end, it was decided that the script would be the same as the first meeting of the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. According to WBC Alvarez, unlike the first meeting, he will fight for his title.

The fate of revenge was threatened on March 5, 2018. When Alvarez received two random urine tests collected on 17 and 20 February about a prohibited substance, clenbuterol. [20] CNA initiated the investigation, and Alvarez was temporarily suspended on March 23, 2018, pending a hearing on April 10. At the hearing, Alvarez faced the possibility of a suspension of up to one year. Leffler said that Golovkin planned to fight on May 5, regardless of his opponent. Demetrius Andrade, a former two-time middleweight champion, made combat supplies and Alvarez a long time ago, as Sergiy Derevyanchenko, one of the rivals of the IBF.

The next day, CNA chief Bob Bennett filed a formal complaint against Alvarez, who postponed the disciplinary hearing at the next monthly meeting of the Commission on April 18. Writer, Dan Raphael, said the delay meant that there was no certainty that the fight would not last, although T-Mobile Arena announced the day before.